Revolutionize E2E tests

AIQA lets you introduce the power of Machine Learning into your testing process and significantly shorten the duration of End-to-End testing.

Dedicated for:

Projects using Git

Independent End-to-End test scenarios

Automated testing process

Automated testing

Shorten the time of automated tests run.
Run only the test cases that are necessary.


For our future customers we offer support in implementation of E2E testing process.

Quality or short time to market?

"We believe that quality does not have to (and should not) eliminate flexible product development. However, the reality often makes it impossible to fully go through the testing process.

That's why we solve the problem by intelligently selecting tests instead of artificially shortening them."

Włodzimierz Gajda - Founder & CTO at AIQA

Real-time savings

Results achieved with the solution for automated testing


Reduced tests runs

AIQA reduces number of tests runs by 97%


Reduced process costs

AIQA reduces cost of automated testing process by up to 95%


Areas of savings

AIQA optimizes 3 areas: task queuing, IT infrastructure usage, developers' time

Check out how much faster your Continuous Integration can get.

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During the product development, the AIQA team actively cooperates with The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.
Our cooperation aims at introducing methods and tools (e.g. JIRA, GitHub, CircleCi, AIQA) professionally used by renowned IT companies to the didactic process and introducing professional software testing methods to the didactic process.

Meet our team

Inga Kasak
Mikołaj Kosyra
Product Manager
Michał Dolecki, Ph.D.
Senior AI Specialist
Kamil Wrzyszcz
AI Specialist
Mateusz Karwan
Backend Developer
Janusz Bąchór
DevOps Engineer
Daniel Pietroń
Quality Assurance
Szymon Szuwalski
Quality Assurance
Przemysław Pitus
Junior Frontend Developer
Krzysztof Kusiak
Managing Partner
Piotr Pietras
Managing Partner
Włodzimierz Gajda
Founder & CTO

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